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The title that wasn't


I realised the old title did not sound very positive ... thats the reason changing it now to "life at its best " .. ...
Actually speaking .. looking at the serials and other programmes going on on TV i really dont think the title matters anymore ... the serial called "Bidaai " was expected to end after the bidai of the lead in the story .. but no, "picture abhi baki hai" the director seemed to have other plans .. its like he has just given an intro to the story all these 1.5 yrs.. (not sure abt the statistics though ..) The story is going on n on on on even after the Bidaai ... Next .. coming to all the dance reality shows, where s the dance !!!!! I find then doing circus .. doing all fancy dresses .. i see them playing sports .c them being clowns .. but where is the dance ??
HOMP .. thats Highway On My Plate .. thats my favourite TV show. I have always loved the way Mayur and Rocky have hosted it .. n of late i find them talking more abt the places that they visit and less abt food .. or maybe they are doing more justice to the title .. he he ... they had been showing only the plates all these days ,but now they are showing the High ways as well !!
Haaan .. Maayka .. the Bidaaai counterpart i must say ... is the story about 2 sisters in their sasuraal ... haaa haaaaa :) soooo many programmes on TV !! whooooooaaaaaa !!!! I am watching too many TV serials these days .. all thanks to mommy!! Whether i like it or not i have to watch it!!! Arrre ... not a problem watching it .. but i get confused with the titles ... i just cant match the story lines with the title .. the title that wasn't !!!!
Anyway .. the trend is not just with these programmes on TV .. The newly opened bakery called "Fresh Bread " in my neighbourhood doesn't sell bread !!. they have ice creams ... cold drinks n pastries .. but no bread !!! The ice cream shop doesnt have ice creams ... they have only fruit juices !!
I saw a hoarding at some place . It read "Narayana Hrudayalaya Dental clinic". Hrudayalaya means "place where heart problems are treated". Maybe if you go there you will have your heart in your mouth . N the last week end when I had to go to a nearby state and had to hurriedly book tickets at the last minute you know what the name of the bus was ????? It was ..." BAD BOYS"

Now coming to the title of this post ... I couldn't think of any title .. Anyway ... the title doesn't matter any more