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Mango motif on salwar

This design is done with french knots on the outermost  line. The inner line is worked with stem stitch.The innermost flower is done with Kamal Kadai stitch. The design outside the kamal kadai flower is done with french knots again. There is a mirror work in between. The flowers outside the motif s done with Zardosi.

French Knot on Salwar

Here is the first dress in the embroidery section. This is my salwar embroidered with double knot. Some call this as French Knot too. Both these stitches are quite similar . Maybe thats why the confusion :)

   At first glance it looks as though some pearls are stitched on the salwar. Thanks to my mom who has stitched this to perfection !!!!

Chain Stitch Ganesha

Om Shri Ganeshaya Namaha !!!

Here is a closer view.

There is no better way to start the embroidery section without seeking blessings from Lord Ganesha. This Ganesha is made with chain stitch.The mirrors stuck in between increase the beauty of this work.

Changed the title again :)

I have changed the title of this blog again .. Now it will be called "Pinch Of this N Dash Of That" .I intend to post a pinch of everything that interests me . I will make this blog public now. So you will no longer have to login to see my blogs :)