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First one and hopefully not the last one :)

Whew !! My first blog is here finally .. Just making sure I have my first blog posted in 2007 . :) Theres a biiiiiiiiiig story about my first blog which incidentally dint get posted. Will pen more on this later. Right now I am just making sure I have my first blog posted before the end of this year.

I happened to read this stuff about happiness and thought I ll add it here .. Not many will appreciate this but it resonated with me .“you are climbing a branch to grab a fruit. The part of the branch you are perched on, which is directly above a deep well, breaks and begins to tilt downwards. You are hanging on to dear life. At that time a snake crawls on to the branch and begins to move towards your hand. A hungry lion approaches the well and waits there just in case you try to swing hard, avoid the well and fall to the ground. You can't go up the branch, the snake will bite you. If you fall into the well it is certain death. Swinging and avoiding the well is free lunch for the lion. As the branch slowly breaks and begins to detach from the tree, a drop of honey from a beehive above falls on your face. You lick it and experience sweetness, happiness. For a moment, you forget the snake, the well, and the lion. This is how happiness works in life. In life you go through many troubles, trials and tribulations and in the middle you somehow manage to sneak in happiness in the form of a peaceful moment, a vacation, family, wealth and children.”